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APIMuni by Danny Roa – Bringing NextMuni To The Masses

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Danny Roa, whom I met at the last Django Meetup, has put out a quick API for accessing Nextbus data.

It’s hosted on the App Engine and can be found here.

His writeup is here.

He recycled the scraping code from yourmuni, props to him for giving props :) Of course, that just means that when Nextbus gets angry, they’re going to come after me first!

Developers don’t create API’s for nothing, so I am eagerly anticipating what Danny is going to use this API for.

yourmuni now has instant stop lookup

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

After another successful hack session on the shuttle ride home, yourmuni now lets you just look up any given stop on the spot without creating a bookmark. Now you can has the best of both worlds all on one site. Up next is adding other regions/agencies covered by nextbus (easy, probably done by the end of this week while I ride the shuttle) and an API.

Site is at

Latest code is at Github