ishmael: A UI for mk-query-digest

(queries obscured)

UPDATE: Richard is far more clever and is generally on a roll with naming projects recently, so he suggested that the name should be “Ishmael” in honor of one of the world’s most famous whale hunters.

I’m not feeling very creative, so my latest project is exactly what its name implies: mk-query-digest-ui is a simple UI on top of the data that mk-query-digest produces. The project was born of me and Tim Denike, the Flickr DBA, spending hours and hours staring at the the tool’s plaintext output while hunting for whale queries to optimize. Now that I think about it, I should have called it “Whale Hunter.”

The UI simply lets you sort the queries in the report by a few useful characteristics and facilitates more convenient access to data that is useful during the optimization process. As we keep using it, we’ll keep adding features.

I made it a point to work on this tool in my spare time so that I could release it without the normal ass-ache associated with open-sourcing something at a big company. Thus, the code is on github: Patches and feature requests are welcome.


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  1. Hi Mikhail,

    Thanks for writing this thing. I rolled it out at work and to great cheering. We’ve been calling it Slow Muncher in case you are still entertaining alternate names.

    I modified it to keep all the data for the various hosts in a single database host and explain against that host as well. I guess that is a feature request that I have. :-)

    Great work & Thanks again,

    Austin Swinney

  2. mihasya says:

    Austin, that’s awesome. Glad someone else is getting use out of it!

    There was actually someone that forked Ishmael that implemented what you’re asking. I’m going to see if they want to merge or what and if not, just do it myself (it’s a oneline change, allowing for the db_host config variable to override the host that’s in the array key)

    Let me know if you have other feature requests, I’m planning to do more hacking on this thing in the near future.

  3. mihasya says:

    Austin: if you grab the latest code from GitHub, I’ve merged in some patches by Chris Streeter from RockYou, one of which does exactly what you had requested. Cheers!

  4. Chris says:

    Great work and thanks for this awesome tool!

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